Accepted OOPSLA/SPLASH 2023 paper

I am delighted to announce that the paper “A verification methodology for the Arm Confidential Computing Architecture” co-written with Anthony Fox, Gareth Stockwell, Shale Xiong, Hanno Becker, Nathan Chong, and Gustavo Petri has now been accepted for publication at OOPSLA/SPLASH 2023.

New technical report on the Icecap and Veracruz projects

I am delighted to announce the recent release of an Arm Research technical report on the IceCap and Veracruz confidential-computing projects. The report, “Private delegated computations using strong isolation”, is co-authored by Mathias Brossard, Guilhem Bryant, Basma El Gaabouri, Xinxin Fan, Alexandre Ferreira, Edmund Grimley-Evans, Christopher Haster, Evan Johnson, Derek Miller, Fan Mo, Nick Spinale, Eric van Hensbergen, Hugo J. M. Vincent, Shale Xiong, and me.

Accepted OSCAR 2022 workshop paper

I’m delighted to announce that the abstract, “Scalable assurance via verifiable hardware-software contracts”, has been accepted for presentation at the Workshop on Open-source Computer Architecture Research (OSCAR 2022), co-located with ISCA. This was co-written with Yao Hsiao, Gustavo Petri, Nikos Nikoleris, and Caroline Trippel, with Yao presenting this work at the workshop.

Accepted PriSC 2022 workshop paper

I’m delighted to announce that “The Supervisionary proof-checking kernel, or: a work-in-progress towards proof-generating code”, which I co-authored with Nick Spinale, has been accepted for presentation at the workshop on Principles of Secure Compilation (PriSC 2022), co-located with POPL.

OC3 programme committee invite

I am honoured to have been invited to serve on the Open Confidential Computing Conference (OC3 2021) programme committee. Please, consider submitting a talk proposal! Derek Miller, from the Veracruz project, presented a talk at last year’s OC3 event which had a great mix of interesting talks and was very well attended.

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